Monday, April 16, 2012

Latest cumulatives (with the project 3 as well as the at home version of the test 2 included)


 Thanks to your hardworking TAs, here are the latest cumulatives for the course (out of approximately 84 points) 

These include Project 3--which was included at a 10% weight, and the at home version of test 2.

The formula for effective grade of test 2 is

max(in-class,  w*in-class+(1-w)*at-home)   where w=.5 for 471 and .6 for 598 section 

The max is there so that the lowest you can get is your in-class score (thus the couple of people who didn't do
the test at home don't lose any effective points). 

The only other grades to be entered are the homework 3, final exam and participation credit. 

If you find any discrepancies, please let us know. 


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