Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 0: Submission Instructions


Here are some instructions with respect to turning in Project 0: Lisp Refresher. Please take some time to read this in full.

The projects are due Jan 19th (Thursday) at the beginning of class. Please turn in a hard (printed) copy of your project with the following for each problem:

1. The full Lisp code, with comments indicating what each part of code achieves;
2. A transcript (output trace) that demonstrates your code in action. You should try each function with different inputs, and explain any discrepancies you see. You may edit the transcript to remove unnecessary stack-traces, etc. (but do not edit the results of computation); and
3. Follow the do-s and dont-s from the project page.

Since this project is intended as a refresher / introduction to Lisp, we will be a bit soft with the grading. However, it is imperative that you try as many problems as possible and turn in all your work to receive credit, and explain why you had trouble (if any). You may print double-sided if you wish to save paper, but please make sure we can read your font.

The submission instructions for future projects may vary, but you will always be notified well in advance of the due date. Good luck.

Kartik Talamadupula

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