Monday, January 30, 2012

Good news: In-class test on 2/9


 Another heads-up..  I am planning on having an in-class test on next Thursday. 

I normally only have one midterm and a final, mostly because I don't like to use up class time for exams.
However, since I am any way out of town next week, and since you are all here, it seems we can have 
two mid-term tests (I assume most of you realize that having one more test is better rather than worse for you..)

The test will cover everything we complete until end of this week (but not the make-up class for next Tuesday). 

You will have the opportunity  during Tuesday's class time to come to the class and have a recitation session with the 


ps: No--I am not trying to convert a missed class into a test--I still fully intend to make-up the Thursday's missed class too by 
an extra meeting+recording during the course of the semester. I am doing the test on Thursday (which is frankly more work for us ;-)
because I have the opportunity to do so without losing class time..

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