Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grading for your project 1

Hi all:

You will receive the grade for your project 1 today. Here is the stats:
- Undergrad: max = 120, min = 30, avg = 98.7, stdev = 27.4
- Graduate: max = 126 (including 5% bonus), min = 55, avg = 107.3, stdev = 17.8

The detail of each part is as follows:

PART 1: Total = 40
Task 1: 5, task 2: 15 (for the right, up and down moves), task 3: 5, task 4: 10 (5 for each heuristic function), and task 5: 5.
If your code produced the correct sequence of moves for the 5 instances, then you will very likely get the full credits. One exception I saw was that some student implemented the heuristics incorrectly, and thus the statistics and the corresponding analysis did not make sense.

PART 2: Total = 38 
Task 1A, B, C, E: 5 for each, task 1D: 8. Task 2: 10.
This is perhaps the easiest part of the code, though some students got the branching factors wrong.

PART 3: Total = 42
For each item listed in part 2, you need to have the statistical numbers and reasonable comments on the difference between (a) the blind search and the informed search algorithms, and (b) contrasting the A* search with the two heuristics. The full credit for each one is as follows: 1A: 10, 1B: 6, 1CE: 6, 1D: 15 and 5 for the running time. 
Initially, I expected to see the statistics when running your code with a large number of test cases (not only the one provided)---large enough to see especially the clear distinction between the two heuristics; however, the reality is that very few had additional test cases. So my "relaxation" for this part is that you will get 1/3 credits for each of the followings: (a) correctly reported the numbers for the test cases provided, (b) correctly described the difference between the breath-first and the informed search approaches based on your data, and (c) similar to (b) but between the Manhattan and the misplaced tiles heuristics. 

Please let me know if you have any question.

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